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Verdant is a reflection of two people’s vision of a modern exotic restaurant serving fresh vibrant and honest food and drink
located in the tropics of Caribbean.

The restaurant grows a large portion of its organic vegetables and herbs on site.  Over 30 raised vegetable beds are dedicated to rare and heirloom sub-tropical veritalls of edible plants and flowers from around the world.  We at Verdant believe that by bringing more diversity through growing our own ingredients makes food  that is as exciting as it is delicious

Verdánt is a restaurant committed to the highest environmental and social responsibility, built with recycled materials and sustainable practices in mind. Innovative systems were created to  treat the restaurants residual  water, including a living rooftop garden which purifies the kitchen waste water, composting toilet systems and dining room rooftop, designed for full rainwater collection to irrigate the vegetable garden beds.


Composting and careful systems are in place to ensure as close to a zero waste system as possible, aiming to maintain a minimal carbon footprint.


Our food is grown from organic seeds and sourced from
sustainable local farms, ranches  and fishermen.


Verdánts menu is a sample which may change daily, characterized by locally sourced ingredients of the highest standard, and is based on the daily farm harvest and local fresh availability